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Cumberland Advisors Market Commentary offers insights and analysis on upcoming, important economic issues that potentially impact global financial markets. Our team shares their thinking on global economic developments, market news and other factors that often influence investment opportunities and strategies. Our readers appreciate its timeliness, depth of analysis, and quality of research.

  • Cumberland Advisors Week in Review July 25, 2022 - July 29, 2022
     Author(s): Cumberland Advisors | Sat July 30, 2022

    Cumberland Advisors Week in Review

    The Cumberland Advisors Week in Review is a recap of news, commentary, and opinion from our team. These are not revised assessments, and circumstances may have changed in the market from the time of original publication. We may include older commentaries that our…
  • Grain & Ukraine: Guest Commentary from Teucrium
     Author(s): David R. Kotok | Thu July 28, 2022

    Cumberland Advisors Market Commentary - Grain & Ukraine- Guest Commentary from Teucrium (Kotok)

    We thank Jake Hanley and his company colleagues at Teucrium for permission to share this excellent commentary with our readers. Teucrium ( is in the ETF business and specializes in grains. We will add just one note to Jake’s analysis since we sincerely believe that Putin is…

  • Dashu & Markets
     Author(s): David R. Kotok | Wed July 27, 2022


    “The traditional Chinese calendar divides a year into 24 solar terms.[1] Dàshǔ (大暑), Taisho, Daeseo, or Đại thử (Chinese and Japanese: 大暑; pinyin: dàshǔ; rōmaji: taisho; Korean: 대서; romaja: daeseo; Vietnamese: đại thử; "major heat") is the 12th solar term. It begins when the Sun reaches the…

  • Q2 2022 Credit: How the World Changes
     Author(s): Patricia M. Healy, CFA | Tue July 26, 2022

    Patricia-Healy-Q2-2022-Municipal-Credit-Commentary-–-How the World Changes

    The pandemic, the war in Ukraine, and pressures and challenges arising from response to those shocks include shutdowns, substantial stimulus, an accommodative Fed, an uptick in virtual work and shopping, supply chain disruptions, relocations, social concerns such as rent affordability, hiring…

  • The FOMC Meeting
     Author(s): Robert Eisenbeis, Ph.D. | Mon July 25, 2022

    Cumberland Advisors Market Commentary - The FOMC Meeting (July 2022) by Robert Eisenbeis, Ph.D

    On the heels of a surprise 50-basis-point increase in the ECB’s target rate — despite evidence of a slowing of economic activity — the FOMC will likely make good on another 75-basis-point increase in its target federal funds range. Governor Waller gave a very specific speech on July 14th at the…

  • Credit Spreads & Oil Price
     Author(s): David R. Kotok | Tue July 19, 2022

    Cumberland Advisors Market Commentary - Credit Spreads & Oil Price by David R. Kotok

    We think the oil/energy price spike from Putin’s war may be plateauing. Here’s why.



    Remember that market-based pricing by market agents is a much stronger (more reliable) indicator than loud…

  • A Conversation: Hotez, Bottazzi & Me
     Author(s): David R. Kotok | Sun July 17, 2022

    A Conversation: Hotez, Bottazzi & Me

    On Thursday, May 19, 2022, the Global Interdependence Center and the Solve Long Covid Initiative offered a one-day conference, “Long Covid: Research, Policy and Economic Impact” ( It was my honor at…

  • The Fed’s Next Meeting
     Author(s): Robert Eisenbeis, Ph.D. | Mon July 11, 2022

    The Fed’s Next Meeting by Robert Eisenbeis, Ph.D.

    The next FOMC meeting is scheduled for July 26 & 27. The Committee will be faced with the challenge of assessing whether growth in the second quarter is likely to be negative, triggering the declaration of a recession, or whether growth has persisted. First-quarter 2022 GDP growth was -1.5…

  • Ukraine: What's Next? - Part 4
     Author(s): David R. Kotok | Sun July 10, 2022


    The fourth program in the Ukraine: What’s Next? series, held at USF Sarasota-Manatee on May 24, 2022, focused on diplomatic and humanitarian aspects of Russia’s war on Ukraine. The program featured seven experts who were able to speak to different dimensions of the crisis, some of them offering…

  • Fed? War? Xi?
     Author(s): David R. Kotok | Thu July 7, 2022

    Fed? War? Xi? by David R. Kotok

    Jamie McGeever’s article at Reuters, “Fed’s inflation target ambiguity risks market misstep on the Fed’s communication dilemma,” is a worthwhile four-minute read for any investor trying to sort out a directional pathway in the second half of this extraordinary 2022. Here’s the link: https://www.…



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