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The Bond Buyer | Supply/demand imbalance hangs over market

 Quoted: John R. Mousseau, CFA | Fri September 3, 2021
U.S. News & World Report | ADP: Employers Added 374,000 Jobs in August, Well Below Expectations

 Quoted: David R. Kotok | Wed September 1, 2021
Bloomberg | Bloomberg Radio Bloomberg-Radio-David-Kotok

 Quoted: David R. Kotok | Mon August 16, 2021
Global Interdependence Center | Rocky Mountain Economic Summit - David R. Kotok addresses the sobering reality of the ongoing global pandemic

 Quoted: David R. Kotok | Sat July 31, 2021
Barron's | Covid Has Boosted the Healthcare Sector. Pfizer Stock Is a Prime Example.

 Quoted: David R. Kotok | Fri July 30, 2021
Reuters | China, HK stocks fall as excitement around RRR cut fades

 Quoted: William H. Witherell, Ph.D. | Wed July 14, 2021
Money Life with Chuck Jaffe | Cumberland's Mousseau: Inflation isn't 'transitory,' it's returning to normal

 Quoted: John R. Mousseau, CFA | Tue July 6, 2021
Bloomberg | David Kotok on the Markets (Radio) July 20, 2021

 Quoted: David R. Kotok | Tue July 20, 2021
Yahoo News | Asian, U.S. Shares Up, COVID-19 Concerns Start to Ease

 Quoted: David R. Kotok | Tue July 20, 2021
Danielle DiMartino Booth | Future of Bonds in A Post-Pandemic World with John Mousseau

 Quoted: John R. Mousseau | Mon July 12, 2021